Current Account Balance

Current Account Balance

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Description: The current account balance is divided into two elements are balanced: the current account and capital account. A current account deficit means automatically inflows for finance. In other words, the current account is always financed (Golub, 2011). The current account measures the difference between resources and expenditure of a country, or still need (or ability) to finance a country. Thus, a current account deficit means that expenditures exceed revenues. A significant deficit is often interpreted as a sign of trouble financial. The equivalence between the current account and the capital account is through an adjustment interest rates and the currency (Jacques et al., 2010). The current account is an accounting document from the national accounts of a State which is part of the balance of payments showing all flows (not stocks) traded between a country and the rest of the world. The balance of the current account is obtained from three intermediate aggregates which are added those of the balance of goods and services, those of the balance of income and those of the balance of current transfers.