Increasing gun violence in Chicago

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Title: Increasing Gun Violence in Chicago
Objective: The issue being discussed in this essay is the increasing gun Violence in Chicago. The
three main objectives in this essay is to show the gun violence trends, where the problem is
stemming from (mostly gang related) and show how the police force handles the situation.
Aim: This essays aim is to show the increasing trend in gun violence in Chicago. There are
many facts, charts and maps that prove this point. I want to show how the increasing gun
violence is stemming from increased gang activity and how the police force has room to improve
how it is handling this situation.
Questions: There is a lot of information available about this issue on increasing gun violence.
Maps indicate what neighbourhoods and sections of Chicago have the most gun violence. It
separates the information into ethnicity and age group, and even compares it to other states, such
as NYC. I want to focus on the entire city of Chicago, and then concentrate on the parts in which
gun violence is the worst. In regards to a time period, I would like to concentrate on a more
recent timeline. However, I will also show information linked anywhere from the 1980’s to
present day, in order to further demonstrate the up trending issue of gun violence in this city. Fit to theme: The sources I have chosen are as follows: please use all of them and add some
scholarly sources also.
Chicago’s police regularly use excessive force, says the Department of Justice. (2017,
January 14). Retrieved February 16, 2017, from
Crime in Chicago — Chicago Tribune. (n.d.). Retrieved February 16, 2017, from
Park, F. F. (2016, May 27). Chicago’s Murder Problem. Retrieved February 16, 2017, from
Patton, D. U., Lane, J., Leonard, P., Macbeth, J., & Smith-Lee, J. R. (2016). Gang violence
on the digital street: Case study of a South Side Chicago gang member’s Twitter
communication. New Media & Society, 146144481562594.
Silencing the Guns: How Chicago can keep guns off the streets. (n.d.). Retrieved February
16, 2017, from
Wallace-Wells, B. (2017, January 15). Crime in Chicago and America’s Policing Crisis.
Retrieved February 16, 2017, from
db8d702e784087469ee3/UChicagoCrimeLab+Gun+Violence+in+Chicago+2016.pdf All these sources provide the info needed about gun violence in Chicago. They include statistics,
maps, charts and really provide in depth information about this topic. They include information
from the 80’s until present day. All the sources are from credible websites, newspapers and
journals. Here are some examples of the charts, maps and diagrams I will be referring to.
Include existing or self-created maps that are legible, relatively current and exemplify good cartographic style which include figure numbers and titles, sources and where appropriate scale and orientation.
It might be a reasonable approach to present a chronological development of the problem.
Provide a written description and analysis of the information provided by the maps and your research on the problem.
Summarize your findings and provide thoughts on future spatial trends. Provide reasons for your assumptions.
Suggested length seven (7) pages.
Use your elements from the proposal and expand the bibliography. Word-processed, 12 point font and 1 ½ or double spaced.
Essay Checklist

*absence of popular encyclopaedia references ?

*grammar and spell checked ?

*figure number for maps ?

*title for maps ?

*identification of source for maps ?

*scale and north symbols (if appropriate) ?

*table numbers (if used) ?

*title for tables (if used) ?

*identification of source for tables (if used) ?

*in-text passage reference to figures and tables ?

*placement of figures and tables in text immediately after first reference ?

*no appendices ?

*meaningful and descriptive title ?

*in-text citations and bibliography

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