HRM215A Ethical Issue 4 – Social media, so much part

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Ethical Issue 4

Given that seniority is not a particularly valid predictor of job performance, do you think it’s unethical for a company to use it as a basis for promotion? Why or why not? Identify three other predictors, describe them, and explain why they are a better predictor than seniority.

Application 4

Social media, so much part of our personal lives, more recently has entered the workplace. It is very common for job seekers to use various digital communication methods to search for a job as much as it is common for employers to use social media and digital communication to get access to potential candidates and allow them to apply for jobs. Everything from the company website that allows candidates to apply online directly, to job search sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, etc. – that allow for the posting of a resume, as well as the job criteria for digital matching/screening of candidates. Choose two different ways that organizations can use social media to seek out potential new employees and attract talent. Develop a basic HR strategy for using social media at your organization or one you are familiar with.