EHR 2006 – Industry research

Subject: Business    / Management
Introduction (introduction & Presentation worth 5 Marks)

Recommend 2 paragraphs

Paragraph 1 – Provide overview of workplace; what it is, where it is, who owns it, nature of work; nature of workforce (no need for references here)

Paragraph 2 – introduces;

An overview of industry statistics, including rate of injury, mechanism of most common and or serious injuries in this industry and how compares with wider workforce
A brief summary of the H&S duties and steps stipulated in law that workplaces should follow to minimise such risks and be legally compliant with duties under WHS Act and supporting legislation (ie WHS Regulation 2011 & Codes of Practice)
Brief statement of exactly what this Inspection focused on. This should identify BOTH the workplace inspected and particular hazard you focused on (here you may wish to note that in looking at a particular hazard you only focused on one part of the workplace)
Conclusion: briefly states whether or not workplace is compliant with WH&S law

Industry research (Industry research worth 7 Marks)

Recommend 2-3 paragraphs

Paragraphs 1-2 should summarise National and Qld H&S statistics that relate to your industry

Final paragraph – here you comment on the statistics and, where necessary, their limitations.
Social Factors (social factors worth 5 Marks)

Recommend 2 paragraphs

Paragraph 1 – Provide overview of the more formal factors that shape work at the workplace (Note: this paragraph should both restate and expand what you said in paragraph 1 of your introduction). It should include

The workplace, who owns it, what it does, where it is
How competitive is the industry (ie does it face a lot of competition)
Does it have formal HRM and H&S Dpts and staff?

Paragraph 2 – Provide overview of more informal factors at work such as

Who are the workers? (casual, full-time, part-time, students, back-backers, age)
What are the customers like
What is the pace of work like
What are the main job tasks, and the support – physically & organisationally – to carry them out

Inspection Results – Summary of Duties and Overall Compliance & Consultative Arrangements (Duties, compliance and consultation worth 14 Marks)

* NOTE: This section is associated with Tables 1, 2 & 3

First paragraph/s should provide a summary of your observations regarding whether the WORKPLACE AS A WHOLE is meeting its duties under the WH&S Act 2011 & WHS Regulation. Provide Appendix Tables (See Example attached on next 3 pages) as supporting documentation for legal criteria in terms of the following:
Begin here by stating clearly who has the primary duty of care at the workplace. Follow this by setting out the LEGAL criteria against which you used to assess the workplace’s performance & degree of compliance (see Table 1 for details). Also outline who else has duties and evidence as to legal compliance or otherwise (see Table 1 for details). Here, provide a BRIEF SUMMARY OF HAZARDS, CONTROLS AND RISKS YOU FOUND AS EVIDENCE OF LEGAL COMPLIANCE. Make this brief as you will return to this in detail in the next sectionsAlso outline the state of the OHS SYSTEM that exists to identify hazards, assess risks and implement controls (see Table 2 for details)Also outline the extent to which the Workplace has consultative arrangements in place to help it meet its duties (see Table 3 for details).the major hazards that you found at the workplace and the associated hazard (this goes with Table 4) – for example, the noise from the noisy machine is a hazard and the associated work activity is operating the noisy machine. With each hazard, indicate the legislative requirement that goes with it. For example, legal exposure to Noise is regulated by the Workplace Health & Safety Regulation, 2011: s. 56 + Prevention of Noise Code of Practicethe major risks that you found (this goes with Table 5) – this follows on from above. For example, the risk from operating a noisy machine is industrial deafnesscalculation of risk (this goes with Table 6) – here you indicate the likelihood of the risk resulting in injury and disease, the consequences and the a risk rating. For this part, you will need to also provide risk calculations