HISTORY 353 – How the experiences of Levi or Wiesel

Subject: History    / General History

Based on either Survival in Auschwitz or Night, explain how the experiences of Levi or Wiesel fit into the larger themes of the Holocaust. Think about how survivors’ accounts bear witness.

Compare and contrast the perspectives of Lucy Dawidowicz (intentionalist) and Raul Hilberg (moderate functionalist) on the causes of the Holocaust.

Compare and contrast the treatment of the non-Jewish (disabled, “gypsy”) and Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Select two groups referred to in Perpetrators, Victims, Bystanders as bystanders, that is, churches, Allies, neutrals, messengers, etc., and explain their behavior during the Holocaust.

Pick two of the examples: Bangladesh, Burundi, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Iraq. Compare and contrast the reasons for, implementation of, and consequences of these genocides. Can you explain why these genocides occurred after the Holocaust and United Nations 1948 Convention against genocide?