The growth of an organization is based and determined

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Thesis Statement

The growth of an organization is based and determined by different factors, which if not well handled the company can experience slow growth hence losses for the organization. Wall-mart being one of the largest corporation has been experiencing problems and challenges of growth and profit maximization which has been caused by poor management of it employees by offering poor wages and also allowing them to work in unhygienic and unfavorable working conditions. To cater for this problem; Therefore, the company should stand out and face out these realities and in turn ensure the employees are satisfied.

Organization characteristics

Walmart is an American multinational retailing corporation that mainly operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and also grocery stores. The company was founded in the year 1962 and later was incorporated in the year 1969. It is one of the largest corporations in the United States since it boasts having over 2.2 million employees as well as more than 9000 stores in more than 22 countries around the globe hence it has a bigger market share.

The success of the company in the previous years is contributed by its vision and also mission statement as well as their values which guide and dictate their code of conduct. The company’s vision states that the firm aims to be the best retailer in the hearts and also to the minds of employees and its consumers. The mission statement also says that the company is mandated and motivated to save people’s money so that they can live a better life with their slogan being, save money, live better. The company employees are also guided by some Core values in which it anticipates for teamwork, honesty, service to the customer, respect for the individuals and striving for excellence.

Factors causing problem in the organization

Wal-mart Stores Inc. is faced by different problems which lead to dissatisfaction of it employees. Employees being critical assets in the organization need to be handled with care since the dissatisfaction has resulted in low production levels hence losses are experienced. This has been caused by low wages and poor working condition which makes the employees at unease work hence the mistreatment of its employees.

Theories/principles or concepts

Two-factor Theory

This is a theory which was formulated to identify what satisfies employees and also what dissatisfies hem in their workplace. Therefore through the theory, we find out that there are some factors which contribute to the dissatisfaction of employees as it is experienced in the wall-mart company like the safety of employees, salary, security of a job and also the working conditions.

Neoclassical theory

This is an approach which mainly wages of employees should be similar with the marginal productivity of labor and therefore in wall-mart, this theory is not well followed since the employees are expected to maximize their output, but their wages are un-proportional to the marginal productivity of labor.


To improve the conditions for the company and solve the problems experienced by the company, it will be wise for the company to review its terms with employees. This will be through guaranteeing them job security, offer them better salaries and wages for motivation purposes, and this will be possible through implementation of Total quality management approach which anticipates for quality services and improved product and customer services.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the methods applied, a well-structured survey can be used in which employees will be required to provide a rating for a series of questions, and this will help the management to know if they have achieved their goal or not.

So this way my outline. Please create an power point presentation.

To demonstrate effective oral communication skills, you will use your research project information to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation. In your presentation, you will identify the selected organizational problem or issue of concern, propose a course of action to improve organizational effectiveness, and recommend appropriate evaluation (follow-up) criteria for determining resolution of the problem or issue. Your presentation should be developed as if to present information to the CEO or owner of the organization. Your narrated PowerPoint presentation must include the following:

Identification of the problem/issue (including description, cause and organizational impact)
Organizational behavior concepts and/or theories related to the problem/issue
Possible behavioral strategies to address the problem/issue and improve organizational effectiveness
Proposed course of action for the organization (including goals, resources, and implementation plan)
Recommended follow-up actions (evaluation) to assess whether or not the problem/issue has been resolved
Evidence of effective communication skills (both written and oral)
Create 6-10 narrated slides (not including title and reference slides). using MS PowerPoint

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