Part 1: Take a look at the page on the Middle and Late Devonian “Old Red Continent” (ORC) at How was the ORC formed? Make a sketch and describe in writing the modern continents that made up parts of the “ORC.” Where was the equator at this time and what were the prevailing winds like at this time?

Part 2: Use the web resources at the web pages on placoderms located at the University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology web site as follows: What is the nature of an placoderm? What is the geological range of this fish? Make a sketch of the bony skull of the placoderm. Why was bony armor of importance to such fish at this time in geological history?

Every source used (including the textbook) must be properly cited using MLA formatting ( You must include a Works Cited section as well as in-text citations of sources used. Assignments with more than 20% direct quotations from other sources will not receive any credit.