What is arthropodization
Subject: Biology    / General Biology
1. What is arthropodization?
2. What are the four major subphyla of Phylum Arthopoda? For each subphylum,
give one example of a species in that Phylum.
3. Arachnids (e.g., spiders) have malpighian tubules. What are they used for? How
many times did they evolve in Arthropoda?
4. Name five species (or types of species) that all belong to subphylum Crustacea.
5. Describe the main features of a crustacean’s circulatory system.
1. What are metameres? Do you think this is a type of segmentation (broader term
used across phyla)?
2. Polychaetes can be both errant or sedentary feeders. How do their feeding
structures differ?
3. What mode of reproduction do earthworms use?
4. Name one organ system that is NOT arranged in metameres in an earthworm.
5. Are leeches or earthworms better examples of segmentation? Why?


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