Subject: Economics    / General Economics
ECO 201 – Written Assignment
Individuals, firms, governments, and countries are faced with choices because all resources are scarce. A
production possibility curve (see below) measures the maximum combination of outputs that can be
achieved from a given number of inputs. In practice economists use a production possibility curve with
two goods to explain the concept of opportunity cost.
In the example below the two goods that a country can produce are health care and education.


Units of Health








Units of Education
Use the graph above to answer the following questions:
a. How many units can be produced if a country uses all of its resources on health care?
b. How many units can be produced if a country uses all of its resources on education?
c. If a country is currently producing 11 units of health care and 16 units of education, what is the
opportunity cost of producing 5 more units of education?
W hile a production possibility curve describes the possible combinations of output that can be produced
with a given set of inputs, it does not tell us who should receive, and in what amount, the health care and
education that gets produced. Write an essay of at least 300 words but no more than 600 words in
length that discusses how you would decide to distribute the health care and ed ucation that gets
produced. Your essay should explain the role of critical thinking and of Saint Leo’s core values in making
your decision.
Please write a logically developed, unified essay that shows your understanding of the subject matter.
The essay should be between 300 and 600 words in length. Make sure that you have a thesis (a main
point that you are making) and develop it thoroughly and coherently. Use specific examples based on
empirical evidence (from direct observation or experience) and clear, standard English. All work must be


your own or properly cited using APA, MLA, or some other standardized format for citations that is
recognized in your major.
Please use 12-point Times New Roman font. For line spacing, please use at least one and half spaces
(avoid single spacing). Please number your pages if needed.

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