Which of the following is not a cultural characteristics

Which of the following is not a cultural characteristics

Which of the following is not a cultural characteristics

Subject: Business    / Marketing

which of the following is not a cultural characteristics of the united states?

A. individulaism

B. materialism

C. future-orientation

D. youthfulness


when scott heard “there is no waiting in checkout lines 2,4, and 5” he knew that the supermarket had:

A. off peak convenience

B.static demand

C.idle production capacity

D. inconstancy

E. intangibility

to ensure privacy in its business transactions, cisco systems, the computer equipment giant uses its ______ to communicate with its distributors, resellers, and customers.

a. Web presence

B. portal

c. partnering software

d. intranet

e. extranet

in the terms of the rate of change in the macro-enviornment, which statement is true?

A-the social sector has a greater rate of change than the technological sector

b- the social and technological sectors have equal rates of change

c-the social sector does not change; the technological does.

d.the technological sector does not change. the social does.

e. the social sector has a slower rate of change than the technological sector.

sam’s choice cola, a brand that is made for and sold exclusively by wal-mart is an example of what type of brand?

A. generic brand

B. co-brand

C. international brand

D. private label brand

E.national brand

the “80/20” rule is similar to which segmentation measure discussed?

A. heavy half

b. brand loyalty

c. lifestyle

d. benefit importance

e. usage occasion

consumers spend little time and effort evaluating alternatives in the purchase of soap and milk. the purchase process for such items called ____ is virtually a habit, and typifies low-involvement decision-making.

A. extended problem solving

b.situational problem solving

c. rational problem solving

d. routine problem solving

e. limited problem solving

which of the following is statements regarding organization buyers and their behaviors is NOT true?

a. the demand for orgazational purchases is derived from the demand of ultimate consumers

b. industrial buyers, resellers, and government are all orgazational buyers

c. orgazational buyers use more specific criteria than do ultimate consumers to evaluate alternativers

d. orgazational buyers are usually larger in dollar value than consumer purchases

e. in order to be most effective, orgazational buying should use an informal decision making process, and the decision making unit should be small.

from the standpoint of the management philip morris, a major cigarette manufacturer, the sale of cigarettes isL:

a. unethical, illegal

b.unethical, legal

c. ethical and illegal

d. against their value system

e. ethical and legal

post grape nuts cereal has been marketed since early in the 20th century. its market share has been steadily declining as consumers began associating it with something their grandfathers ate. post recently launched a campaign which invited consumers to try the crunchy cereal on top of their yogurt, their salad, or their bowl of soup as a delicious addition. this is an example of _____ strategy.

a. repositioning

b. psychographic

c. product differentiation

d. perceputal mapping

d. product positioning

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