Discussion questions for Development and Training

Discussion questions for Development and Training

Discussion questions for Development and Training

Topic: discussion questions for Development and Training

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Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

Q-1 What types of development are offered where you work? Critique
them using textbook ideas and additional research. Please include
workplace examples. (one page)

Q-2 (no additional research for this question)- Plot your career
highs, lows and plateaus on a graph with job satisfaction as the
vertical axis and time in years (starting with your first job) as the
horizontal axis. Please add your graph to your post.

a. What do the highs and lows have in common?

b. If any plateaus what did you do to change the slope?

Q3- You must choose a relevant discussion topic (training and
development) that requires textbook integration and must include
additional journal research.

Textbook is: Employee Training and Development, Noe, 4th Edition, 2008.

In order to get access to accredited journals and such related to
Training and Development, go to:


ID- 020445141
pass- 013184

There are several periodicals that you can use to substantiate and
enhance your discussion board posts to include the following titles.
Feel free to ask a librarian for assistance if needed
http://www.nu.edu/library .
Training and Development
Training and Development Journal
Training and Management Development Methods
Training Directors Journal
Training Journal
Training for Quality
Training Magazine
Training Media Review
www.astd.org (American Society for Training and Development

You can make up where I work.