What is the evidence that supports the autogenic hypothesis?

Subject: Biology

Topic: What is the evidence that supports the autogenic hypothesis?
According to the hypothesis, the eukaryotic cells, as they are today, were made by eating the smaller organelles. The hypothesis is supported by the studies on mitochondria. The mitochondria contains its own DNA and sythesizes many of its RNA and proteins. The mitochondrial protein synthesis machine, the ribosomes are similar to those found in bacteria. Similar to the bacterial cells, the mitochondria also contain circular genome.
The organelle in fact acts as a semiautonomus body inside the cell. Therefore, this has long been said that a cell may have engulfed a bacteria, which later on started living inside in a symbiotic relationship providing energy to the cell and getting food and other supplies in return inside a protective niche. However, during the course of evolution, the mitochondria must have lost the genes required for it to survive outside the cell. In addition, chloroplasts also contain their own DNA. Together, these supports the autogenic hypothesis. To add, these are not direct or sufficient evidence, as according to my knowledge these have not been proved in the laboratory.