EC 315-A recent article in Vitality magazine reported

Subject: Mathematics / Statistics
Work must be completed in Excel

34. A recent article in Vitality magazine reported that the mean amount of leisure time per week for American men is 40.0 hours. You believe this figure is too large and decide to conduct your own test. In a random sample of 60 men, you find that the mean is 37.8 hours of leisure per week and that the standard deviation of the sample is 12.2 hours. Can you conclude that the information in the article is untrue? Use the .05 significance level. Determine the p-value and explain its meaning.

38. The post anesthesia care area (recovery room) at St. Like’s Hospital in Maumee, Ohio, was recently enlarged. The hope was that with the enlargement the mean number of patients per day would be more than 25. A random sample of 15 days revealed the following numbers of patients

25 27 25 26 25 28 28 27 24 26 25 29 25 27 24

At the .01 significance level, can we conclude that the mean number of patients per day is more than 25? Estimate the p-value and interpret it.

41. Watch Corporation of Switzerland claims that its watches on average will neither gain nor loss time during a week. A sample of 18 watchers provided the following gains (+) of losses (-) in seconds per week.

-0.38 -0.20 -0.38 -0.32 +0.32 -0.23 +0.30 +0.25 -0.10

-0.37 -0.61 -0.48 -0.47 -.0.64 -0.04 -0.20 -0.68 +0.05

Is it reasonable to conclude that the mean gain or loss in time for the watches is 0? Use the .05 significance level. Estimate the p-value.

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