Characterization and Analysis of Risks

For your session-long project, you will develop an environmental health risk management plan for a project type of your choice. The plan will be divided into five parts. The framework for the risk management plan is as follows:

    Identifying the project and defining the problem. This step includes identifying the specific chemical and the situation that may cause an adverse impact on human health or the ecosystem. (Module 1)
    Identifying the Stakeholders. (Module 2)
    Placing the problem in the proper context. (Module 3)
    Examining options for addressing the risks. (Module 4)
    Making a decision about which option to implement. (Module 5)

Module 5 Assignment

In this SLP you will make a decision about which option to implement for your project (pyrethrins and pyrethroids ) and you will explain your decision. Write a 3-5+ page paper in which you:

    Considering the information presented in Modules 1-4 for this SLP, identify the option(s) forthe project that you prefer and justify your decision for selecting option that you will recommend for implementation and your risk management plan.
    Explain how the selected option will provide a greater amount of protection from the inherent risks associated with project.
    Outline your selected method for evaluating the results of the option you decided to implement.

Be sure to justify your opinions with evidence from the literature. Your answer should be supported by references and the references should be cited in the body of your discussion as well as in a reference list.