challenge of the matrix project organization

Q21. A challenge of the matrix project organization is that:

a. Team members are full of ego b. Team members are selected from the same functional area c. Team members have divided loyalties d. It enables functional managers to provide career guidance to their workers

Q22. In resource planning, one of the issues that needs to be considered is:

a. Staff empowerment b. Technical requirements of the project c. Theory X management principles d. Theory Y management principles

Q23. In project management, the level of uncertainty plays a major role in determining the adequacy of a project plan.

a. true b. false

Q24. A work package is to be found at the summary level of the WBS.

a. true b. false

Q25. If review of a project's status indicates that EV = $400, AC = $400, and PV = $500, the project is:

a. On budget, behind schedule b. On budget, ahead of schedule c. Over budget, behind schedule d. Over budget, ahead of schedule

Q26. A laissez-faire management style may lead to a ship without rudder syndrome.

a. true b. false

Q27. A project team structure that closely reflects the physical structure of the deliverable is known as:

a. Egoless b. Specialty c. Surgical d. Isomorphic

Q28. An objective of prototyping is to minimize life-cycle cost.

a. true b. false

Q29. A key objective of change control in configuration management is to keep track of actions taken in response to change requests.

a. true b. false

Q30. Needs recognition is the first stage of the needs-requirement life cycle.

a. true b. false