An effective project manager must

An effective project manager must

Q10. An effective project manager must:

a. Tell his team members what to do b. Be the most capable person on the team technically c. Be focused on achieving results d. Not trust his team members to achieve results without his personal attention to detail

Q11. Functional requirements provide us with detailed technical specifications.

a. true b. false Q12. Which of the following is an example of a project? a. Maintaining e-mail addresses b. Capacity planning c. Submitting travel and expense reports d. Sending monthly reports to top management

Q13. Which of the following shows resource allocation over time?

a. Resource Gantt chart b. Resource matrix c. S-Curve d. Resource leveling

Q14. When we have objective data on the probability of an event, we are involved with decision making under certainty.

a. true b. false

Q15. According to PMI, a WBS should focus on

a. Tasks b. Deliverables c. Interrelationships among activities d. Cost of the project

Q16. Top-down estimates (also called parametric estimates):

a. Are based on historical trends b. Can be derived from the WBS c. Can be determined by analyzing work packages d. Provide accurate assessments of project costs

Q17. In risk management, insurance is an example of:

a. Risk avoidance b. Risk deflection c. Risk acceptance d. Contingency planning

Q18. Rapid prototyping is a methodology for:

a. Specifying requirements at the outset and for controlling very tightly any changes to them b. Specifying requirements at the outset and for facilitating later changes to them with minimum customer in put c. Triggering early warning of unauthorized changes to the original prototype to enable project management to take remedial actions d. Working closely with customers by creating and updating prototypes that respond to customer input

Q19. Under what conditions may a project manager accept a change request?

a. If the request has no effect on project objectives, deadlines, or resources b. If the request has no effect on project objectives, although it has effects on deadlines and resources c. If the request is coming from a valued customer d. If the request is from the Chief Executive Officer

Q20. A modern view in Human Resource Management is that positive motivation results from an opportunity to achieve and experience self-actualization. a. true b. false
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