Communication in healthcare

Communication in healthcare

Service: Thesis Full Thesis (writing)
Style: APA
Number of pages: 2 pages (550 words)
Number of sources: 3
Topic of your paper: Communication in healthcare
Subject: – Healthcare

Mass communication; strategic communication:

Select 2 health related public service announcements or campaign and write up assessment of its effectiveness.

We can select the no smoking public service announcement –it is effective with new pictures of damaged lungs

On the trains we can select that announcement that says “check your bags..”. Don’t think it is so effective.

Need evidence to back it up

Case analysis – john smith

Case analysis – john smith

Assignment: Case Analysis: John Smith

Obtaining informed consent for services from clients is required of human services providers; however, it is not always an easy task. Clients typically grant consent by signing documents presented by the agency or the provider that, at minimum, explain the services that will be provided, the client rights, and information on the steps to rescind the consent.

In situations where minors or individuals under some form of guardianship are the clients, it is necessary to obtain consent from the legal guardian or authority. However, there are times when obtaining informed consent is not as simple as asking for a signature from the client or guardian. These situations require more thought by the human services providers with emphasis on balancing the client’s right to consent with other factors that might influence treatment outcomes or decisions.

In this assignment, you will review a case that illustrates the various facets of informed consent.

The Case:

Smith is a thirty-eight-year-old African American male referred for counseling by his mother to address recent incidents of aggression. Smith resides with his mother because he is not able to live on his own. Smith is unable to hold on to a job and has difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships with others. He is open to counseling but thinks his mother is overreacting to his anger outbursts because she is old and does not understand him. Recently, there have been notable conflicts between them due to Smith’s aggressive behaviors that were directed toward his mother.


Analyze the case and in a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:

What steps would you, as the counselor, take for obtaining informed consent from Smith?

Would you, as the counselor, include his mother in the counseling sessions, if you believe it would help with Smith’s aggression problem? Why or why not?

What is the difference between formal fallacy and informal fallacy?

What is the difference between formal fallacy and informal fallacy?

philosophy 103 logic

a) A well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state; and, as such, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall or must not be infringed upon.

a. Tortured prisoners will say or do anything in order not to relieve that tormenting and painful experience. As a result, torture is not a reliable method of interrogation.
b) Expectant mothers should never use recreational drugs,since the use of such recreational drugs can jeopardize the full development and health of the fetus.
c) Contrary to what many people think, a positive test for HIV is not necessarily a death sentence. For one reason, the time from the development of antibodies to clinical symptoms averages nearly ten years. And for another reason, many reports are suggesting that a significant number of people who test positive may never develop clinical AIDS.

d) Forbear to judge other people, for we are all sinners before God.

e) Wisdom is the most important thing in this life. So get wisdom and be happy in life.

f) Mad cow disease is spreading by feeding parts of infected animals to cows, and this practice has yet to be completely eradiated. Thus, mad cow disease continues to pose a threat to people who eat beef.

g) Thinking is a function of a human being’s immortal soul. Human beings have immortal soul and can think. Hence human beings are immortal and can also think.

h) Titanium combines readily with oxygen and other chemical substances can have an adverse effect on burning substances. In conclusion, titanium must not be processed in the vicinity of substances like nitrogen, hydrogen and similar elements.

i) The classroom teacher is crucial to the development and academic success of the average student, and administrators are simply ancillary to this effort. Hence, classroom teachers ought to be paid the equivalent of what the administrators and superintendents make.


a) Ms. Oprah Winfrey is an incredibly popular television personality, very influential black entertainer, and one of the richest women in the world today. She said recently that taking Vitamin X & Z products are good and can reduce obesity. So if you do not feel well, take Vitamin X & Z! _______________________________________________

b) Everyone these days is on a low-crab diet. Therefore, you should go on a low-crab diet too in order to do what everyone else is doing! _________________________________

c) Television entertainer and social critic Mr. Bill Maher argues that religion is just a lot of foolish nonsense. But Mr. Maher is an arrogant, shameless, and self-righteous pig. His argument is not worth listening to. _________________________________________

d) Can I ask you this questions: “have you stopped cheating on our examinations, yet”? And also “why do you always like to cheat during examinations?” _____________________
e) Whoever trusts a knife into somebody else or uses it to cut another individual should be arrested and send to jail (prison). But medical doctors and some surgeons, at various medical clinics and hospitals, use knife to cut people up during surgeries or other medical procedures. Therefore, there is no question that surgeons and other medical professionals should be arrested and send to prison. _____________________________

f) The editors of the Daily Register have accused our company of being one of the city’s worst water polluters. But come to think about it, the Daily Register has been responsible for much more pollution than any other business enterprise in the area. After all, they own the Western Paper Company, and evidence shows that that company discharges tons of chemical residue into the city’s river or waterways every day and seven days a week. _____________________________

g) The position open in the accounting department should be given to Mr. Arah. He has six hungry children to feed, take care of and support. Worse still, his beautiful wife is about to divorce him, because he desperately needs an eye surgery to save his eyesight. Mr. Arah really needs some help! _____________________________________________

h) Surely, you are smart and we welcome you to our association with fantastic benefits for joining. If you had not joined, I would ask you to imagine or think of all the money that you could have lost from broken windows, overturned cars/trucks, and the damaged merchandize in your store by our young thugs. _______________________________

i) So many people have been trying for centuries to provide conclusive evidence for the claims of astrology, and no one has yet succeeded. So we must conclude that the truth of astrology is a lot of nonsense. _________________________________________

J) Successful business executives and corporate leaders everywhere are paid salaries in excess of $100.000 for working hard and making proper investments that enable them dress well and look sharp. As a result, the best way to ensure that students will become highly successful entrepreneurs is for them to dress well. ________________________


a) What is the difference between stipulative definition and lexical definition? __________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b) What is the difference between fallacy of equivocation and fallacy of amphiboly? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c) What is the difference between formal fallacy and informal fallacy? ________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

e) What have you learned so far from taking this philosophy/logic course? ______________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

f) What have you learned so far in this course (in terms of the nature of the discipline, value or benefits of studying/majoring in philosophy, and being exposed to logic?

How would you describe the bounds of the essay? What limits exist on its scope (i.e. specific time period, demographic, region)

How would you describe the bounds of the essay? What limits exist on its scope (i.e. specific time period, demographic, region)

Essay #2 Peer Review
How would you describe the bounds of the essay? What limits exist on its scope (i.e. specific time period, demographic, region)? If the scope is large, how else could the author limit the focus? If the scope is narrow, what else might the author want to consider?

Define and explain unemployment

Define and explain unemployment

Define and explain unemployment

Be sure to show all of your work and how you arrived at your answer. Label your diagrams clearly (where applicable). Your work must be typed and submitted electronically (via eCampus). You may complete your work in the space provided in this worksheet. Include the worksheet and cover sheet in your uploaded final work

Note: You will receive no score if you fail to adhere to the above instructions.

Refer to the link below for info/tutorial on how to submit your work on eCampus. Click on the link or copy and paste the same to your browser

Question 1
A. Define and explain unemployment (10 points)






Adult Population






# Employed



B. From the given data above calculate and explain unemployment rates for 2014 and 2015(10 points)

Assessment Codes CT, WC, EQS

Given the national income (NI) data below (ALL figures are in billions of dollars) compute:

C. National Income (NI) (10 points)

National Income data

Personal consumption
Compensation of Employees (Wages and salaries)
Government purchases of goods and services
Corporate profits
Proprietors’ income
Sales taxes

Inflation data

Price of
Books $
Quantity of Books
Price of Pencils $
Quantity of Pencils
Price of Pens $
Quantity of Pens



The Inflation data above shows the prices and the quantities consumed in a college bookstore. Using 2011 as the base year

Calculate the inflation rate between 2012 and 2013 using the CPI approach.
D. Calculate inflation using the GDP deflator index and explain why consumer price index (CPI) overstates inflation when compared to inflation rate determined by using GDP deflator (15 points)

Assessment Codes CT, WC, EQS

Question 2.
Using data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Tables 2 and 3 in the months of August
2015 Seasonally Adjusted, compare and contrast Labor force participation rates (LFPR)
of four demographic groups: Whites, African –American, Asian and Hispanic.
Evaluate and discuss the differences in their LFPR (25 points)

Assessment Codes CT, WC, EQS

Question 3
Different societies view unemployment differently. Some view it as a social ill and others as an economic problem. In 250 words discuss how unemployment is viewed in your culture. Compare and contrast unemployment remedies of your culture with that of any other culture. Cite your work. (30 points)

Assessment Codes WC, SR

Identify the original author who is being mimicked

Identify the original author who is being mimicked

1. Identify the original author who is being mimicked.  Then, review the Rhetoric section of that specific author (pre-reading before the piece itself).  Can you identify these rhetorical strategies in your peer’s essay?
2. Which rhetorical strategies are most effectively executed?  Which need to be further explored?  Do you have specific suggestions to work on these?
3. Think about the level of imitating of overall structure.  Is the argument presented in a way that the original author presents it?  What “moves” does the author make to present the argument?
(For example, the philosophers in the textbook do not use the “five paragraph” essay structure.  While that could be a useful approach for some writing, we should not see that structure here in any of these drafts).
4. Authenticity of tone and word choice–i.e. does this sound like something the original author would write? Does the voice sound authentically like the original source?
5. What kind of evidence building through methods that the original author would use are present?  Does the original author’s philosophies come through effectively in this piece?
6. Now look at the essay as a whole: what are your thoughts about the overall execution of style, structure, tone, and rhetorical devices?
Reminder: this assignment should be well organized, relatively error-free, and in MLA format with a Works Cited page.

Discuss the importance of developing a data migration plan

Discuss the importance of developing a data migration plan

Project Plan

• Utilizing the information in the scenario, provide a project plan for electronic health record (EHR) implementation in your organization. The project plan should provide detailed information regarding set goals and objectives and clarify and prioritize the steps in the EHR implementation process and project staffing needs.

• Discuss the importance of developing a data migration plan and what may result if data migration is not considered in a project plan. This link provides a template of an EHR project plan. Use it to guide your responses for this week’s Individual Project.

• Describe the testing plan and documentation to demonstrate that solutions meet functional requirements (e.g. unit test, integrated test, stress test, acceptance test).


How to implement EHRs. (2014). Retrieved from

Prepare a plan for monitoring performance

Prepare a plan for monitoring performance

Instruction for the student

This is an individual assessment. You are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge required to monitor and review operational/performance.

If you noel help understanding any questions. Ask your assessor to explain.


In response to a simulated business scenario and using work completed in Assessment Task 1, you will develop, monitor and review performance System analyze performance, identify areas of underperformance, take prompt remedial EMI and report on operational performance.

In accordance with contingency planning developed in Assessment Task 1, you will take prompt action to adders, employee Underperformance. In a role-play, you will coach the employee in accordance such performance management systems.

You will then prepare and present a management report describing the performance system, performance result and recommendations for changes to operational plans, Also you will negotiate changes to operation Plant and gain approval for recommendations from the Operations General Manager (your assessor)

1 From a group of two people.

2 Read the simulated BBQfun scenario information provided in Appendix 1 of this task and in the business documentation provided by your assessor (the same documentation provided in Assessment Task 1).

3 Prepare a plan for monitoring performance from the start of implementation to the end of the financial year. You may use the action plan template (provided in Appendix 2) or create your own plan. Ensure you include plans for monitoring and/or documenting
a. budgetary and financial performance
b. productivity performance
c. employee performance in line with performance management policy
d. milestone achievement and performance against targets
e. dates for monitoring stream in line with scenario
f. resources for monitoring
g. progress reporting at the end of each quarter to the Operations General Manager
h. regular performance management of coring staff and lodgment of records with the HR Manager

4. Identify areas of employee underperformance, determine possible remedial actions and prepare to performance manage underperforming employees Refer to, follow, or adapt existing contingency plan for underperforming employees (developed in Assessment Task 1).

5 Follow your contingency plan and the BBQfun performance management policy to coach and performance manage an underperforming employee Arrange with your team member to role-Play the coaching session You may wish to use the performance management Man template and coaching plan template (provided in Appendices 3 and 4 of this task) to prepare for the coaching session Make sure you begin a coaching session with an explanation of your roe as a coach in supporting the employee to meet BBQfun’s organisational goals.

6. Analyse operational performance as described in scenario, and produces an Operational plan status rend based on the information provided in Appendix 1. You may wish to use the operational Status Roped template (provided in Appendix 5). You will also need to include in your report.
a . a description of budgetary and financial performance
b. a description of productivity performance
c. an analysis of millstone achievement and performance against targets
d. three recommendation for operation improvement.

7. Arrange a time to meet with your assessor to present your report to the Operations General Manner and negotiate recommendations – involving, for example, changes to plans, changes to implementation of plans, changes to budget, etc – and seek approval for the implementation of your recommendations.

8. Submit all your implementation documents Keep copes of your work for your records

To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:

You must
– participate in a role-play coaching an underperforming employee
– present the lend to Operations General Manager for approval from your assessor
– submit all your documents includes:
a monitoring plan
a contingency plan (amended from Assessment Task 1) for manning employee underperformance
a coaching and performance management plan
an operational plan status report, including;
• a description of budgetary and financial performance
– a description of productivity performance
– an analysis of milestone achievement and performance against targets
– three recommendations for operational improvement

Appendix 1: Scenario – e-Commerce strategy

Scenario task

You will need to plan monitoring activities for ongoing customer service activities, website maintenance, and revenue generation over the financial year from the start of implementation.

You will then need to analyse performance data for the second Quarter of the financial year.

You will then need to coach an underperforming employee in accordance with the BBQfun Performance management policy and previously developed contingency planning (the planning developed for Assessment Task 1)

Finally, you will need to prepare and present a report with recommendations for operational improvement to the Operations General Manager.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Unit VIII Course Project

Art Gallery: Commentary

For Unit VIII, the last segment of your art gallery course project, you will be adding a comprehensive statement to your PowerPoint presentation and finalizing your segments from the previous units. You will submit the entire presentation, including those portions from previous units, for a final grade.
In your comprehensive statement, present the last words on your art gallery. Summarize your thoughts and convey the larger implications of your art gallery. This is an opportunity to succinctly answer the so what? question by placing the presentation within the context of research about the topic you have investigated. Be sure to demonstrate the importance of your ideas. Do not be shy. The comprehensive statement offers you a chance to elaborate on the significance of your findings.

For this segment, use the slides in the art gallery template labeled “Comprehensive Statement.” A minimum of three PowerPoint slides are required; however, you are welcome to add as many as you feel you need. You may include more than one idea on each slide, but please do not overload the slides with information.

Be sure to address the following in your comprehensive statement:
? Describe what you learned about art in general.
? Describe what you learned about the art criticism theory.
? Describe what you learned about art’s role in society.
? Citations and references are not a requirement for this section, but if you choose to use outside sources, they
must be cited and referenced accordingly.
? Although you do not need to add any new sources for the commentary section, you will need to ensure all APA
guidelines are followed for the presentation as a whole.