Signature Assignment Environment Scanning

March 13, 2017
University of Phoenix

Signature Assignment Environment Scanning
The firm that I will be using will be Memorial Hermann hospital here in Houston, Texas. First, I will discuss their external and internal environments. A good company must always be on the lookout for their environments to see potential threats or opportunities. The external are factors that you don’t really control. The object is to control your internal to have a smooth flow of operation.
The Hines (2015)One of the largest health systems in Texas, Memorial Hermann has 16 hospitals and home health facilities. There is hardly anywhere you can go and not see one throughout the Greater Houston area. They offer high tech diagnostic treatment care and treatment techniques. They offer share vital patient information with other care providers.
Hospital competition in the area called Woodlands here, as other big names in healthcare keep pace to expand their hospitals and hire more staff. Right now, St. Luke’s health and Memorial Hermann, dominate that area. They also are under construction with a budget of 17.4 million dollars for renovations of the emergency department. This area called, the Woodlands, accounts for 18 percent of job growth in that area, which will increase population because of job growth.
Employee Benefits. (2017) One thing I can speak on is the competitive benefits Memorial Hermann offers its employees. They offer two medical plans, MH preferred and base, including a catastrophic plan. They have two dental plans, a dental PPD and dental HMO, including a vision plan. They offer an employee assistance program, that helps with financial needs and substance abuse but even marriage counseling. They also offer a 401-retirement plan and will match your contribution dollar for dollar up to 6% of pay.
There are career and development programs that reimburse certifications, tuition as well as student loan repayment, short term disability plans which pays up to 60% of basic salary while you are on extended illness. You can receive life insurance, adoption assistance, employee discounts, and the list goes on and on. Not many jobs will offer you all that, plus competitive wages also.
The “Implementation Plan” (2013) Memorial Hermann uses an assessment for its implementation. The purpose of the assessment is to gauge the health needs of an area. They take this data from numerous community representatives about public health. There were eight main areas they served. They were found to be eight needs that aligned with the hospital’s overall plan. The identified priorities were the (education and prevention of diseases, address service integration, what are the barriers to primary care, address unhealthy lifestyles, mental healthcare, decrease health disparities, address affordable dental care and providing transportation. The result was providing a plan and implementing a way to carry out the strategic plan address various issues with health care.
They established baseline metrics in 2013, leveling to a 5% increase participation of programs by 2014. Most of implementation activities began with baseline metrics and then after two years the results are reported. They developed metrics for quantifying reductions of patients in 2013/ 2014 and the metrics were reported in 2014, 2015). They used the Stanford Patient Model for addressing diabetes in patients. In the program, they conduct an assessment to determine community willingness to get involved, and try to identify individuals who are licensed to provide workshops.
The first thing in the formulation process is addressing the most important issues which is chronic diseases and conditions. Per the data, there were high rates of various diseases in the area that was accessed. Heart disease and cancer accounts for 96.8 of discharges. Also, behavioral Alzheimer’s morality rates state that diabetes is prevalent is Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land area.
The response was Memorial Hermann used education of these diseases and chronic conditions, using community programs, support groups and health education publication. Using the programs will provide the area population with information. Its purpose is also to influence a healthier lifestyle for individuals to prevent disability or premature death.
We recently in my department have started this program called BYOD, which allows our home health nurses to call our diabetic patients and offer service over the phone with issues they may be having. If the patient or caregiver has a smart phone, we can enroll them right over the phone and send them a link to monitor them. This help prevention of some many trips to the emergency room. There are so many patients who are charged some much for medical help because they don’t know the proper way to see the signs of physical distress before something happens.
Memorial Hermann is also currently tackling issues about information sharing with other medical facilities and the needs of home health patients. Lack of record sharing is a concern for the Memorial Herman Information Exchange (MHIE) program, which takes patient records so they can be accessed to authorized caregivers.
I researched the many ways Memorial Hermann evaluates the effectiveness of their guidelines and they are recognized as a national leader in quality and safety. They are exceeding the standards and even measure safety and have indicators in place that above standards. The benchmark of their performance is put up against the performance of other hospitals across the United States. By using process and outcome data, they can track data that shows how reliable they are. Ongoing quality service drives patient satisfactory service. They are committed to deliver the best care here in Houston.
It is a constant mission to improve upon the already great service by finding critical new inventive ways to protect patients. To be an employee, you must forgo extensive training in ways to that help improve enhancing safety.
The “Awards & Recognition” (2017) In 2009, they received the National Quality Healthcare Award proving the top-quality healthcare on a national level.
National Health System Patient Safety Leadership Award recognizing their efforts in quantitative safety results and relentless improvement.
Eisenberg Patient Safety Award in 2012 recognizing the leadership proving once again that the measurements they are using as a benchmark for excellence is indeed working.
U.S News reported that Memorial Hermann was No.1 in rehab in Texas and No. 2 in the U. S. The achievements go on and on. The business metrics, data gathering, and benchmarks have paid off, with results such as these. It’s this type of dedication that sets Memorial Hermann way above the rest.
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