BUS 101 – The proper roles expected

21. The proper roles expected of the board of directors of a corporation include which of the following?

A. Guarantors, guardians, and fiduciaries B. Custodians, guardians, and stewards C. Guardians, protectors, guarantors D. Officers, custodians, and owners

22. A recent regulatory audit of RBI Financial Corporation revealed that the company is in compliance with six new regulations and noncompliance with three new rules. The RBI legal counsel gathered the following financial data with the cooperation of functional management. All data is in thousands (k). Cost of planning $5K Cost of hiring employees $10K Fines and penalties $100K Cost of training $6K Cost of implementation $20K Court costs $1K Cost of reporting $2K Cost of legal fees $15K Reputation costs $50K What is the out-of-pocket cost of noncompliance for the RBI Corporation?

A. $116k B. $129k C. $166k D. $121k

23. Which of the following represents the costs associated with safety stock as a cushion?

A. Ordering B. Stock-out C. Quality D. Carrying

24. What are the core functions of business organizations?

A. Sales, service, finance, and information technology B. Marketing, accounting, manufacturing, and human resources C. Manufacturing, service, marketing, and sales D. Accounting, finance, human resources, and information technology

25. Regarding product mix, brand name is a part of

A. product. B. price. C. place. D. promotion

26. Job performance is affected by motivation and

A. strategy. B. ability. C. leadership. D. training.

27. Employees provide the _______ line of defense to security breaches .

A. last B. second C. third D. first

28. Which of the following represents the correct sequence of tasks in the human resources department?

A. Job specifications ? Job analysis ? Job design ? Job description

B. Job design ? Job analysis ? Job description ? Job specifications

C. Job analysis ? Job design ? Job specifications ? Job description

D. Job description ? Job analysis ? Job design ? Job specifications

29. Regular payback period is defined as the

A. average annual profits divided by initial cash outlay. B. present value of cash inflows divided by present value of cash outflows. C. present value of benefits minus present value of costs. D. net investment divided by average cash inflows.

30. Which of the following represents the correct sequence?

A. Strategy ? Goals ? Policy ?Mission

B. Mission ? Goals ? Strategy ? Policy

C. Policy ? Strategy ? Mission ? Goals

D. Goals ? Mission ? Policy ? Strategy

31. A partial cash budget for BRP Corporation is shown below in millions (M). Cash receipts $2M Beginning cash balance $1M Minimum cash balance required$1.75M Cash disbursements $3M What is the cash shortage or surplus amount for the BRP Corporation?

A. Cash shortage of $1.75M B. Cash surplus of $1.75M C. Cash surplus of $2.0M D. Cash shortage of $2.0M

32. Higher-level managers need

A. less soft skills and more hard skills. B. average soft skills and average hard skills. C. no soft skills and all hard skills. D. more soft skills and less hard skills.

33. Which of the following bases of power is based on an individual's charisma?

A. Legitimate B. Referent C. Coercive D. Reward

34. The Securities Act of 1933 focuses on _______ transactions.

A. over-the-counter B. computer trading C. primary D. secondary

35. Backward or reverse electronic auction occurs between

A. many buyers and many sellers. B. one buyer and many sellers. C. one seller and many buyers. D. one buyer and one seller.

36. Marketing and sales management should focus more on doing

A. cross-selling and lateral-selling. B. lateral-selling and down-selling. C. up-selling and cross-selling. D. up-selling and down-selling.

37. Regarding global business, the "most favored nation" trading status means

A. poor member countries charge higher tariffs on imported goods. B. rich member countries charge lower tariffs on imported goods. C. all member countries charge the same tariffs on imported goods. D. non-member countries charge average tariffs on imported goods.