complete the Exercises, use the spreadsheet file titled Budget Tools Chapter 02 Exercises. The exercises comes in three parts. The first part is intended to help you prepare for the second and third parts' it is a tutorial in the spreadsheet skills that are used in the second and third parts.
1. The spreadsheet opens on the " Tutorial" tab. Instructions are provided in the two highlighted green text boxes. The left text box first describes how cells F5 through F9 are summed in cell F10 and how all of these cells are formatted. It then asks you to do the same with data in cells F14 through F16. The right text box describes some advanced formatting skills and asks you to learn a very straightforward use of the "=" sign.
After completing part 1, click on the "Explanation" tab, which gives step-by-step instructions for parts 2 and 3. Before completing these problems, look at the examples (using a different chart of accounts) on the blue tabs.
2. Copy the information from the "source" tab to the" Expenses" tab. When you copy the data you will learn the relationship between codes and labels. The table also contains dollar values associated with the labels. Put these data in blocks reflecting the categories shown on the "Summary" tab (look at the "Examples Summary" tab first). Format the copied information in a pleasing manner resembling the example of the first block at the top of the "Exercises" tab. Calculate subtotals for blocks, using the "subtotal" function, which should be shown at the bottom of each block as with the exaple. The "subtotal" function is explained in Appendix C, in the section on spreadsheeting for budget.
3. Carry the totals to the "summary" tab using the "=" sign as practced on the "Tutorial" tab. Format the "Summary" tab in a pleasing manner. Calculate sums as indicated by the :Total" labels on the "self-Check" column on the "Summary" tab has turned completely to"TRUE".