Assignment 2: Development of a dynamic web site

(Server-side scripting):


You are to make the site that you created in Assignment One fully functional. That is,

In this assignment you should change the system to respond to the forms by querying an Oracle database, generating content, and adding information to the database. Your PHP code needs to be used to enable
The search formto an Oracle database containing details of products. When a user looks up a product using the search form, they will be sent a dynamic page that displays the product details using information retrieved from the relevant table. and
The contact formto an Oracle database of contact. When a user fills in a contact form,all the data from the completed form will be inserted into the relevant table. A confirming page should be displayed or in the event of an error, an appropriate error message should be shown to the user.
The order formto an Oracle database of orders. When a user fills in an order form,all the data from the completed form will be inserted into the relevant table(s). A receipt page confirming the order that has been made should be displayed or in the event of an error, an appropriate error message should be shown to the user.

You are permitted to change the forms that you created for Assignment One or Assignment Two Stage One if you believe that they can be improved for the purposes of this assignment.


You must develop your own PHP code, but it is assumed that you will base this on the code that has been supplied and developed during the practical work in this unit.

General requirements include:

Well developed and structured PHP code. Write functions to re-use code for common tasks. The code should be clear and properly indented; use meaningful variable names; and be free of errors.
Your PHP code should connect to the relevant Oracle database tables, and disconnect ‘safely’; it should also generate readable and reasonable output for the user. For instance, if an order has been accepted successfully, a receipt/confirmation page should be sent back.
Well documented code. Appropriate and consistent comments should be placed throughout the code. The comments should be sufficiently detailed to allow an assessor to understand what it is doing without having to spend too much time on your code. PHP source code and database SQL scripts are also required for this assignment
Please check the common errors and correct them…
Please add these things as well to the website.

In the order form, please add the Card type option showing debit/credit/American express /maestro options as a drop down menu, rather than the thing that is current Please add validation to that as well such as if the user hasn’t selected the card type, proper message is displayed.
2. Please add a search box in every page of the website. Please see that search box is active and is connected to the database and it is showing appropriate results. Please add a magnify glass image in front of search button…You must have seen that in many websites. It will look good.
3. In the wines page…Add to cart button is not working. I mean when it is being clicked nothing happens. Please correct this thing and see that add to cart option works and selected products go into the shopping cart.
Also, please add some option by which user can add same wine twice or as many times the user wants it to the cart.
4.Also, please add one shopping cart button (probably symbol of the shopping cart with the selected number of items written over the symbol) in the order page or rather every page…so that if the user wants to see what he/she has selected while ordering, they can see. Please check that the user can view his/her selected products in the shopping cart on clicking that button

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