Phoenix divorce lawyers are a firm of professional lawyers based in Arizona who channel their expertise in different areas. They make life easy and bearable for their clients in the most difficult of situations. In Arizona, divorce is called dissolution. Arizona is considered a ‘No Fault State’ which means you do not need to make allegations of fault to be entitled to dissolution. A party only needs to allege that the marriage is “Irretrievably broken without any prospect of reconciliation”. It is not an easy process as it tackles various important aspect in one’s life such as; child custody, property division, spousal support among others.

For instance, in a divorce case children as the most important factor and should be given the attention they deserve. In Arizona what was once called ‘child custody’ is now defined as ‘Legal Decision Making’. In addressing the divorce topic with the rights of parents with regards to their children, parents are given by the court the legal right to considered as an “emergency” such as; to choose religious activities, make health care choices, education and extracurricular activities. This on grounds of whether its sole or joint custody. Skupin Law Group, PLLC, understands that determining child custody is no easy process, and that is why they will do whatever is necessary to fight for your child’s right as well as yours.

Skupin Law Group, PLLC, has over 14 years of experience, and they can help you fight to protect your family and attain the best possible outcome. Their team of divorce attorneys are highly capable of Phoenix divorce and family law, and they know what the courts look for when deciding legal and physical custody in divorce cases.

Property division is a sensitive topic when it comes to divorce. Arizona is considered a community property state whereby all property and debts held by the spouses jointly is divided equitably as part of the marital settlement agreement

In a divorce case, spousal maintenance is a major factor to be considered too .In a divorce proceeding ‘alimony’ is awarded to one party. In the process, many factors are taken into consideration whether or not this maintenance is needed. The length of the marriage is mostly considered because marriages that last shorter than five years ‘alimony’ will not be awarded. In an instance where the spouse qualifies for spousal maintenance the court decides the length of time along with the amount given. Being the custodial parent of a young child whose condition requires a parent to be around in the house with them most of the time, not being self-sufficient when considering their employment, and when the spouse is at an age where their employment capacity is diminished to the point where they cannot be self-sufficient. These are some of the reasons whereby a spouse is entitled to alimony by the court.

If in any case you are going through a divorce it is important to seek legal help from an experienced firm from a Phoenix, Skupin Law Group, PLLC divorce attorney. They take time to familiarize themselves with the unique details of the case so that they can be able to provide you with top-notch representation. To make it even easier for you, they do the professional part as well as the being the compassionate mediator relieving you of emotional stress and conflict from your case.

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