Subject: Business    / General Business

when a company calculates ______, the company looks at how much profit it expects to make from a particular customer, including each purchase he or she will make the company now and in the future.

a. customer lifetime value

b. customer relationship management

c. utility

d. the exchange function.

by definition, a (n) _______ is a community, nation, or group that shares common traditions, institutions, activities, and interests.

a. market

b. society

c. environment

d. marketplace

it is easiest for marketers to create an emotional connection between a consumer and a (n) ______ product.

a. approach

b. augmented

c. core

d. avodiance

information collected from government publications is an a examples of ______ data.

a. primary

b. secondary

c. observational

d. experimental

A _____ is a promise to deliver specific benefits associated with products or services to consumer.

a. service

b. brand

c. license

d. patent

Which type of segmentation is MOST related to the use of the word when, such as when consumers get the idea to buy, when they actually make their purchase, or when they use the purchased item?

a. behavioral

b. psychographic

c. needs

d. impulse

Multisegment marketing is likely to _______ and _________.

a. increase research costs; decrease shipping costs

b. decrease resale value; increase sales volume

c. increase sales potential; increase costs

d. increase sales potential; decrease cost

demand would MOST likely be inelastic for which of the following?

a. lamb chops and T-bone steaks

b. gourmet cheese

c. basic necessities

d. luxury watches

Financial services provider USAA sends materials about teaching teenagers how to drive safely to USAA customers who have children approaching driving eligibility age. USAA is using ________ information from a customer database to determine which customers should receive the materials.

a. demographic

b. geographic

c. psychographic

d behavioral

some television shows have shown actors drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee. In these instances, Starbucks has chosen _________ as a marketing tool.

a. networking

b. direct marketing

c. broadcast advertising

d. branded entertainment

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