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Rainfall patterns in humid tropical (A) climates are characterized by all except:

A.substantial precipitation every month, year-round, in the Af (rainforest) subtype

B.a sudden increase in rainfall resulting from the arrival of the monsoon in the Am (monsoon) subtype

C.a “double maximum” sometimes involving “long rains” and “short rains” in the savanna (Aw) subtype

D.the specter of hunger in savanna areas because of comparatively infertile soils and unreliable seasonal precipitation

E.principally nighttime rainfall in rainforest (Af) areas

Question 2 of 25 4.0 Points

Savanna environments belong to the general climate type known as:


B.humid cold

C.humid temperate

D.humid equatorial


Question 3 of 25 4.0 Points

In regional geography, relative location: more meaningful and practical than absolute location

B.refers to the latitude of a place

C.refers to the longitudinal position of a point on the Earth’s surface

D.a and b above

E.all of the above

Question 4 of 25 4.0 Points

This population cluster lies centered on China and includes the Pacific-facing Asian coastal zone from the Korean Peninsula to Vietnam.

A.South Asia


C.East Asia

D.North America

E.South America

Question 5 of 25 4.0 Points

The gradual reduction of regional contrasts resulting from increasing cultural, economic, political and other types of exchanges is known as:

A.Regional disparity

B.Regional equalization

C.Core-periphery widening

D.The European trade model


Question 6 of 25 4.0 Points

Which of the following statements about the A climates is incorrect?

A.They are referred to as humid equatorial climates.

B.They are characterized by heavy precipitation and high year-round temperatures.

C.In the Af climate, precipitation rates increase suddenly due to the arrival of the monsoons.

D.The Aw subtype is identified as savanna.

E.They include monsoon climates.

Question 7 of 25 4.0 Points

A bridge language of national politics, commerce, and trade is known as a(n):

A.Extinct language.

B.Lingua franca.

C.Indo-European dialect.

D.Regional speech disparity.

E.Language family.

Question 8 of 25 4.0 Points

An index of regional disparity would be useful for examining:

A.Economic differences between different regions of a country

B.Political differences between functional and formal regions

C.Temperature differences between core and periphery

D.Similarities among African and Asian countries

E.Differences between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres

Question 9 of 25 4.0 Points

The current interglacial period is known as the:




D.Global Warmup


Question 10 of 25 4.0 Points

Which water body is surrounded by a geologically-active Ring of Fire:

A.the Great Lakes

B.Arctic Ocean

C.Atlantic Ocean

D.Pacific Ocean

E.the Gulf of Mexico

Answer Key: D

Question 11 of 25 4.0 Points

The process by which a tectonic plate consisting of less heavy rock rides up over a heavier plate is known as:




D.continental drifting

E.physiographic collision

Question 12 of 25 4.0 Points

Which statement below best characterizes the concept of culture?

A.A civilized pattern of behavior, dominated by appreciation of serious music and good food.

B.Learned patterns of thought and behavior characteristic of a population or society.

C.An expression of the artistic qualities in a nation, such as painting and other fine arts.

D.It plays no role in shaping the human landscape.

Question 13 of 25 4.0 Points

The prevailing mid-latitude climatic type in the southeastern United States, western Europe, southern Brazil and northern Argentina, and eastern China is the:

A.humid cold

B.semiarid moderate

C.humid temperate

D.dry winter tundra

E.dry summer savanna

Question 14 of 25 4.0 Points

Which of the following is not an example of globalization?

A.McDonald’s opening in France


C.The expanding use of English

D.Japanese cars being made in Thailand

E.Tariffs imposed on automobiles

Question 15 of 25 4.0 Points

Water covers about _____ percent of the Earth’s surface.






Question 16 of 25 4.0 Points

Wegener’s supercontinent is known as:






Question 17 of 25 4.0 Points

Which of the following major rivers is not associated with one of the world’s great population clusters?


B.Huang He (Yellow)



E.Chang Jiang (Yangzi)

Question 18 of 25 4.0 Points

The core areas of the world:

A.Include areas located only in the Northern Hemisphere

B.Include areas located only in Europe and North America

C.Are constituted by countries that do not contain areas of underdevelopment

D.Include most of the countries of East Asia

E.Constitute the area where the richer countries are clustered

Question 19 of 25 4.0 Points

The European state model includes all of the following except:

A.A population governed from a capital city

B.A clearly and legally defined territory

C.A representative government

D.A very low level of urbanization

E.It prevails in the aftermath of the collapse of colonial empires

Answer Key: D

Question 20 of 25 4.0 Points

The World Bank ranks countries within four groups. Which of the following is not one of those groups?

A.High-income countries

B.Upper-middle income countries

C.Lower-middle income countries

D.Middle-income countries

E.Low-income countries

Question 21 of 25 4.0 Points

All regions possess all of the following except:





E.regions possess all of the above

Question 22 of 25 4.0 Points

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A.Regions marked by internal homogeneity are classified as formal regions.

B.Regions conceptualized as “spatial systems” are collectively identified as functional regions.

C.A country likely constitutes a formal political region because within its boundaries certain conditions of nationality, law, and political tradition prevail.

D.Functional regions are generally more static and immobile than formal regions.

E.Functional regions have a core and a periphery.

Question 23 of 25 4.0 Points

Which of the following statements concerning the world’s most widely distributed language family is incorrect?

A.It is known as Indo-European.

B.It includes English.

C.It prevails throughout the Americas.

D.Its many languages are mutually understandable.

E.Its current geographic extent is the result of colonialism.

Question 24 of 25 4.0 Points

A functional region: defined on the basis of some variable, such as the area where corn is grown exemplified by a city and its hinterland also known as a formal region

D.has a transition zone at its center the same as a homogeneous region

Question 25 of 25 4.0 Points

Which of the following statements is true?

A.Desertification occurs only on the Eurasian landmass.

B.Deserts are mainly found on the eastern sides of the continents.

C.Rainfall is least dependable in the drier portions of the world.

D.Wegener derived the theory of climatic regions.

E.None of the above.

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