Subject: Geography    / General Geography

Forum 2

Topic 1

Topic 1. Europe Geographic Qualities
Think through the ‘Major Geographic Qualities of Europe” as presented on in our text book. Which of these qualities strikes you as the most important or interesting?

Topic 2

Europe Physical Landscape


Our text breaks the physical landscape of Europe into four physiographic regions. Why do you think these few physical regions support so many variations in culture?

Topic 3

Topic 3

3. European and Russian Infrastructure

Ancient infrastructure included the track, paths, and roads in which pilgrims, merchants, and soldiers moved. Today trains, planes, and automobiles carry crowds and commerce. Compare and contrast Euopean and Russian infrastructure.


Chain Bridge in London. Compare with the one over the Danube.

Topic 1. Metropolitan Evolution

1. Metropolitan Evolution

In our chapter on North America, ‘The Evolving Metropolis’ is described . Do you see a pattern of progression? What might the next epoch be called and what might characterize it?

Topic 2.

Canada and the United States

2. Canada and the United States

Do you see Canada and the United States as a single economic realm? Cultural realm? Could it become a single political realm?

Topic 3. North, Middle, and South America

3. North, Middle, and South America

Share the most surprising fact or attribute you learned while studying these chapters about the Americas?

Saint Blaise, patron of Housebuilders

Froum 4

Topic 1

1. Characterize the Realm

Is the realm a dry Arab world? How would you characterize the Realm?
Working for a living.

Topic 2. Cultural Difussion

2. Cultural Difussion

The concept of cultural diffusion is an important foundation for understanding how the cultural landscape develops. What diffusion of ideas do you see today?

Topic 3. Cities of the Realm

3. Cities of the Realm

Which is the most important or interesting city of this realm? What factors make it so?


Anybody recognize the city?

Forum 5

Topic 1. Population

1. Population

Population distribution, population density, physiologic density, rate of natural population increase, and doubling time are all important geographic concepts. However, they all require a little work to understand.

Try to describe these terms by using your own home and family as an example. Can you do it?

Topic 2. South Asia Physiographic Features

2. South Asia Physiographic Features

South Asia is striking in its physiographic make up. Incredible mountains, steaming jungles, stark deserts, and balmy islands. Pick the feature or features most striking to you and give some details that intrigue you.

Topic 3. Cultural Factors

3. Cultural Factors

Of the great cultural periods of South Asia: Asoka’s Mauryan Empire, the Islamic Mogul Empire, and the colonization under the British Empire, which will most inform and influence the future of the geographic realm? Why so?

Forum 6

Topic 1

1. Indochina

Of this realm’s name, what cultural attributes can be associated with the “Indo” portion and what cultural attributes can be associated with the “china” portion?

Topic 2

2. Impact of Islam

With the great impact from Islam would “Arabchina” be a more appropriate name for the realm? What is the extent of Arab influence in Indochina?

Topic 3

3. Austral Realm

The Austral Realm is used extensively as a laboratory for biogeography and zoogeography. Do the theories of Pangaea and the break up of Gondwanaland adequately explain the unique presence of marsupials to you? Any questions in your mind about this?

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