4	Endocrine gland that produces hormones involved in blood sugar level regulation
1	Immune response generated by B cells
6	Another name for epinephrine	2	Produced in response to increased blood sugar levels
8	Physical barrier against pathogen	3	Produced in response to increased blood calcium levels
9	Produced in response to viral infection	5	Endocrine gland that produces sex hormones
11	Type of dietary hypothyroidism	6	Reaction between antigen and antibody
12	Endocrine gland that is referred to as the “master gland”	7	A hormone involved in the “fight-or-flight” response
14	Stimulates contraction of uterus	8	Type of hormone that can bind to an intracellular receptor
15	Result of overproduction of growth hormone	10	The body’s natural painkiller
17	A hormone involved in promoting uterine lining growth
13	Antimicrobial chemical in tears
16	Substance that evokes the production of antibodies

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