Subject: Physics    / General Physics

(TCO 2) A cannonball is fired straight up at 50 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, when it returns to its starting point, its speed is __________.

50 m/s

more than 50 m/s

less than 50 m/s

depends on how long it is in the air

Question 2. Question :

(TCO 2) Acceleration occurs when an object undergoes _________.

a speed increase

a speed decrease

a change in the direction of travel

CORRECT all of the choices are correct

Question 3. Question :

(TCO 3) Which quantity has the greatest influence on the amount of kinetic energy that a large truck has moving down the road?





Question 4. Question :

(TCO 3) Most energy leaves the Earth in the form of ________.

nuclear energy

kinetic energy

chemical energy

radiant energy

Question 5. Question :

(TCO 3) Which path would result in more work accomplished in moving a box to the same spot on the table?




All would be equal.

Question 6. Question :

(TCO 2) What are Newton’s Three Laws of Motion?

Question 7. Question :

(TCO 3) What is work? How much work needs to be done to lift a 500 kg mass from the ground to a height of 20 meters?

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