550 Words; In text citations and APA references:
In the first half of this course, we discussed personal values from religious beliefs to eating preferences. During this time we read a broad range of theoretical perspectives in environmental ethics. This week we consider how personal values translate into an environmental ethic. "Ethics" refers to a code or mutually agreed upon set of principles that guide actions. Our values help us to justify an approach to environmental ethics but also sometimes obscure the most useful approach, if one exists.

Thinking back on our discussions and readings, what unit of non-human life or organization should be the focus for environmental ethics: individuals, species, populations, communities, or ecosystems? Present your argument with support from course readings or outside research. Be sure to properly cite all reference resources used to build your posts, to include course assigned readings and outside research as appropriate.

Additional Requirements 
Other Requirements: 550 Words, detailed with examples if possible; In text citations and APA references required: