You have been asked by your manager to

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SurveyConductor Application:

You have been asked by your manager to create a user-friendly application that will present a survey to your customers. The application will compile and analyze the results entered by the survey respondents. You will deliver your working application with a Design Document and test results.

Upon completing all functional and design requirements, submit the following:

    Design document that has UML Class Diagrams to document your design of your Survey and SurveyConductor classes.
    UML Sequence Diagram that documents the design of your SurveyConductor application class.
    Screenshots showing results of testing
    Update your Survey class based on feedback and lessons learned in all Phases of this course. Perfect your code and all comments to all necessary areas to describe what is happening at that point of your code.
    Zipped NetBeans project of the application that correctly meets all stated design and functional requirements.

Code should be well commented. Appropriate use of control structures should be used. Logic should be sound and correct.

A design document should be submitted that contains:

    UML Class and Sequence Diagrams using proper UML notation.
    Pseudocode for the SurveyConductor application.
    Pseudocode for the Survey class methods.
    Logic for error checking to validate the response is between 1 and 5 should be included in the Pseudocode.
    Screenshots showing your application runs. Document each screenshot with a caption that explains the test data entered and the resulting application behavior/output.