You are interested in cell size regulation and…

You are interested in cell size regulation and discover that signaling through an enzyme-coupled receptor is important for the growth (enlargement) of mouse liver cells. Activation of the receptor activates adenylyl cyclase, which ultimately leads to the activation of PKA, which then phosphorylates a transcription factor called TFS on threonine 42. This phosphorylation is necessary for the binding of TFS to its specific sites on DNA, where it then activates the transcription of Sze2, a gene that encodes a protein important for liver cell growth. You find that liver cells lacking the receptor are 15% smaller than normal cells, whereas cells that express a constitutively activated version of PKA are 15% larger than normal liver cells. Given these results, predict whether you would expect the cell’s size to be bigger or smaller than normal cells if cells were treated in the following fashion.

A. You create a version of the receptor that is constitutively active. 

B. You add a drug that inhibits adenylyl cyclase. 
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Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: cell biology help please!