You will finish this course with a written report to the Board of Directors of G-Biosport. Your report will include a summary of how decisions throughout the simulation have contributed to the ethical climate of the company, and how the bottom line of the company has been affected by the decisions that have been made in your division. Your report needs to look professional and appropriate for a group of executives who need to rapidly scan it for useful conclusions. Because you have assumed the role of an executive in the simulation, be sure your report reflects your professionalism as a leader.

1.Write a professional report to the Board of Directors using appropriate spacing, paragraphs, and section titles, so that the report looks professional and is easy to read. This is NOT a spoken presentation but a written report. However, a board consists of busy executives who will scan rapidly and therefore need consistent formatting, a logical flow and a strong summary.
2.Your report should include: ?A description of the ethical climate of the company as assessed from the memos, postings, responses, and critiques. Include samples from your division posts.
?Useful examples of the touchstones your fellow leaders have used to make decisions concerning the ethical dilemmas presented throughout the simulation.
?An analysis of the organizational culture, including the perceived ethical climate compared to the vision, mission, and core values of the company. Tell the directors why the ethical climate is important to the success of your division.
?A description of the processes by which ethical decisions have been and will be made by your division of the G-BioSport company.
?A closing statement with your summary assessment of the division and its recent eight-week performance, as reflected in the financial statements in the EthicsGame™ website. Provide an analysis of the financial impact of the ethical decisions made so as to persuade the board of the importance of ethics to the bottom line. (Bear in mind that a copy of the financial statement from the simulation provides useful data for your report, but is not sufficient as an analysis, which is required to demonstrate the connection of ethics to finances.)