Writing Assignment--End of Life Issues

As we saw in the videos, some treatment options for patients at the end of their lives can be geographically determined.  Physician Assisted Suicide is available in Oregon, Washington, Montana and most recently Vermont.  Or in the case of euthanasia, which is outlawed in this country.  Other options, hospice, palliative care, terminal sedation, are available in all states.  

If you were able to make health care policy about end of life options for competent adults who are at the end of their lives, what options would you make available and why?  (do not worry about the legal implications...imagine that you are the king/queen of the medical-ethical universe!!)

What would be your response to someone who disagreed with your policy?

Use the biomedical principles and ethical theories to support your positions.  Work to include citations from at least three outside resources.