write a small essays about how is globalization affecting europe

write a small essays about each of the topics. Please write about two pages for each question. Please do not use double space in Word. Please also write in your own words. Use current situations and also historical.

1.Refugees and economics. What can be done ? How does it relate ? Keynesianism and more refugees less money?

2.What role does globalization affect europe. How is globalization affecting europe. What is globalization? How does europe deal with it?

Climate Change. Global Warming EU. Is the EU able to cope with that? Is it to complex? Is it system to government? Can bureaucrats fight global warming? EU institutions and complexity and strengths and weaknesses and knowledge about climate issue itself. What problems it relates to.

3. British exit from the EU. History of the debates in Europe. Current debates and then the options open why and what issues does it raise about the eu in general. britain exiting from the eu.

4.Europes relationship with other countries. what is that relationship. Is europe distinctive or has europe been shaped by the countries that decolonized. Does europe have a distinctive identity. if so what and how does it relate to current debates about recent changes in europe. Especially immigration

5.Nationalism. Still an issue inside the EU. Relates to refugee crisis. Design of the EU. National sovereignty and poor sovereignty. To what extent is that still an issue? Where is it going? What does it tell us?