Write an essay for the CASE STUDY of conservation…

Write an essay for the CASE STUDY of conservation biology on federal lands. You will select either a military base, national wildlife refuge, or national park that has an existing management plan that deals specifically with species preservation and management. For military bases, this will be an Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP), for national wildlife refuges, a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP), and for national parks, a Resource Management Plan (RMP). You are expected to review one of the aforementioned plans and prepare a 3-5 page analysis of it as it relates to conservation biology. 

Be sure to answer the following questions: 
1) What are the major goals of the plan you reviewed? 
2) Describe at least three species addressed in the plan and explain why they are significant or why they were chosen to be managed 
3) What actions are proposed to improve the status of these species? 
4) Is the plan feasible and reasonable? 
5) Is it likely to achieve its conservation goals? 

Remember to cite your work properly and to use scientific facts and data to support your work. In other words, there should be some research done in addition to reading the plan so that you can verify that the actions recommended ARE, in fact, feasible according to the literature. Simply reading the plan does NOT give you the information you will need to make this analysis scientifically valid. 
Additional Requirements 

Min Pages: 3 
Level of Detail: Only answer needed 
Other Requirements: Doesn't have to be perfect, just something I can edit a little to sound like me and turn it :)