Write a report on a chosen interface e.g. IPhone, Smart Phones, IOS, or Windows

Write a report on a chosen interface e.g. IPhone, Smart Phones, IOS, or Windows etc… (Something that interacts back with you). Make sure you chose something which you can relate many factors to e.g. Affordance, Mapping, Cognitive, Ergonomics and many more which you will find in the PowerPoints from the lectures she’s delivered. Make sure you relate the following to the interface you have chosen Design Mapping Affordance Feedback Cognitive Ergonomics Usability Distinctions Other subheadings you could include are listed below (but don’t include all these just pick the ones out which apply to your interface) Perception Understanding User Receiving Different perspectives Movement/Colour/Clarity Behaviourism Principles Constraints Portability Appearance(which kind of relates to design so just include it in there again if it relates only then) Fit for purpose Responsiveness Flexibility Learnability Direct Manipulation Predictability Reliability (If you don’t know what any of these mean, they are all explained in the PowerPoints only briefly though). Books which you might need to look into are Human-Computer Interaction (by Serengul Smith-Atakan) (004.019 SMI) HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION (by CHRISTINE FAULKNER) (004.019 FAU) HUMAN computer INTERACTION (by P.Johnson) (004.019 JOH) INTERACTION DESIGN 3rd Edition (by WILEY) (004.019 ROG) Research Methods (by Jonathan Lazer, Jinjuan Heidi Feng and Harry Hochheiser) (004.019 LAZ). You also need to include in conference papers and articles which you will find if you go onto library and then search it in the SUMMON search your chosen interface. 1000 WORDS INCLUDE A FRONT PAGE/CONTENSTS PAGE