You are working to improve carbon capture

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
You are working to improve carbon capture technology. Which of the following would be most helpful at Boundary Dam?

Reducing the temperature of combustion.

Improving the quality of the coal.

Creating less expensive filters.

Preventing contamination of the amine.

If this form of carbon capture works, which of the following would be most reduced in the atmosphere?

carbon dioxide

water vapor

carbon monoxide


If successful, this type of carbon capture will be most beneficial to which of the following?

electrical power plants

geothermal plants


solar plants

Which of the following is true regarding carbon capture the way it is being done at Boundary Dam?

It produces excess energy that is sold.

It requires a lot of energy.

It requires no energy input.

While it requires energy input, it is highly efficient.

Which of the following industries would most like to see an increase in carbon capture, as it uses the waste product captured at Boundary Dam?

nuclear industry

hydroelectric industry

solar industry

oil industry

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