How will the ACA impact the US Health System

Subject: Business / Management
TOPIC: How will the ACA impact the US Health System?

General Information

This Course Paper Assignment document provides important information relating to preparation and submission of both the Course Paper Proposal document and the actual Course Paper.

The Course Paper Proposal document is submitted several weeks in advance of the Course Paper’s submission. The Course Paper Proposal assists the student by setting the expectation that the student is to identify their topic, organize and prepare a framework for the Paper, and identify information sources in advance. This front-end preparation later benefits the student in their preparation of the Course Paper and additionally provides the Instructor an opportunity to review and comment, if needed, on the student’s proposal. See “Course Paper Proposal” below for actual Course Paper Proposal preparation details.

The Course Paper should describe a process, situation, or problem that is currently being discussed or debated in the healthcare industry, preferably one that relates to processes, situations, or problems associated with implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA); the Paper should not simply describe a segment of the healthcare Industry. The Paper should be a genuine student-driven research-based effort and its focus should be on a contemporary healthcare industry issue and potential solutions. See “Potential Topics for the Course Paper” shown below for potential Course Paper topics. Also see “Guidelines for Course Paper” below for additional Course Paper preparation instructions
Course Paper Proposal

The Course Paper Proposal shall include at least the following information:

1. The topic stated succinctly.

2. Introductory paragraph about why the particular process, situation, or problem topic was selected.

3. Paragraph about what you intend to research, communicate, and recommend.

4. A prepared outline to at least be organized as follows: a. Title Page;

b. Introduction;

c. Body – should include bullet-pointed issues that are pertinent to the process, situation, or problem being studied;

d. Conclusion; and

e. Reference Page.

5. Reference page showing your Paper’s expected references in APA 6thedition format. There should be at least five references; one reference can be a trusted website. The remainder of your references should be scholarly articles or books.

The Course Paper should be no less than four (4) pages and no longer than eight (8) pages of text, excluding the cover sheet and the reference listing/bibliography page. The student will be expected to provide data and other evidence to support the arguments you present in your Course Paper.

Guidelines for Course Paper Preparation

The Course Paper is be formatted according to the APA 6thedition, except that no abstract is required. The Paper shall be double-spaced throughout, excluding the reference list/bibliography list. The title page should include the title of the Paper, the student’s name, University course number, and submission date.

The body of the paper shall include the student’s discussion of the selected topic and its current problematic relationship to the U.S. healthcare system; and about possible approaches to improving the situation, problem, process. Historical information may be included to supplement the above. All material in the Course Paper must be cited in the text of the paper and referenced completely in the reference page at the end of the paper

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