The objective of this assignment is to prepare an insightful, well-supported analysis of this case in response to several specific questions given below.  This is an individual assignment.

Your paper should be four pages in length.  (It should not exceed four pages.)  The paper must be well-organized, well-written, and of professional quality.  Please use font size 12, and line spacing of 1.5.

Please write your response to address all of the following questions:

Case analysis questions:

1.	Discuss some of the major features of the organic and natural foods industry in which Whole Foods Market is a leading firm.

2.	Starting with the company’s mission, discuss the strategy of Whole Foods Market.  Include core values and core strategy, generic strategy positioning, overall operating strategy, and detailed strategy with areas, elements and tactics.  What is their main point of competitive advantage?

3.	Discuss John Mackey’s leadership in founding Whole Foods Market.

Evaluation criteria: comprehensiveness, insight, coherence, use of framework(s).