250 words for each questions
1. What is humanism and what different forms of humanism existed during the
Renaissance period? Discuss humanist ideas, examples of humanist thinkers, and

2. Discuss the Hundred Years War: What were its causes? Why did the war continue for so
long a period? What advantages did each side possess? What were the outcomes of the
war for France and England?
3. Discuss the Columbian exchange. What was exchanged? What were the immediate
consequences of the encounters between the Old and New Worlds?
4. How did the Protestant Reformation in England occur? What was the cause for the
reformation? What events led to this change, and what impact did these changes have
on England?
5. Absolutism was met with resistance in England. What groups resisted absolutism? How
and why did they resist? What English traditions and political ideas prevented the
adoption of absolutism?
6. What impact did the Price Revolution have on the governments and people of Europe?