What are the similarities and differences between

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jia soc mid) Please provide your answers in short-answer essay format. Answers to the questions should range from 125 to 250 words each. Carefully read the questions to ensure each part is answered with the appropriate depth and detail. Answers should be free of spelling and grammar errors.

A. What are the similarities and differences between subcultures and counterculture? Provide examples of each.

B. Define cultural diffusion and cultural leveling, providing an explanation of how they are similar as well as different

C. What is ?resocialization?? What purpose does resocialization serve in ?total institutions??

D. Define the concept agents of socialization. Identify what you feel are the three most significant agents of socialization in U.S. society today and briefly describe the role of each in the socialization process.

E. Define master status. Why does master status change not only through life, but from one environmental situation to another?