Week 3 Assignment
Read the case "Social Status: The Rise and Fall of MYSpace" at the end of Chapter 6 and answer the questions that follow:
Was it reasonable for Facebook to initially ignore a segment of its market when MySpace was so big and Facebook so small?
Friendster turned down a $30 million acquisition offer, and MySpace accepted one for $580 million. Both decisions are considered to have hampered their ability to compete with Facebook. 
Should they have taken the money? When and how do you know it's time to sell?
MySpace later became known as the social networking site for music and entertainment connections. Do you think it can build a highly profitable business around this niche?
Be sure to property cite your sources using APA 6th citations rules as well as an APA “References”(bibliography) section at the end of your paper.

Week 4 Assignment
Read the case "Tactus Tackles Fund-Raising" at the end of Chapter 8 and
answer the questions that follow:
Craig Ciesla and Micah Yairi eventually turned to friends and family for funding. Should they have done that first? What are the risks with raising money from such individuals?
What are the risks and benefits of waiting until they had been granted patents to ask for customer feedback?
The partners gave up equity in their company – part of the ownership -- to get help they needed. Was this agood idea? Why or why not?
Why do you think Ciesla and Yairi stuck it out, even with such bad luck? What would it take for you to be so persistent?
Be sure to property cite your sources using APA 6th citations rules as well as an APA “References”(bibliography) section at the end of your paper.

BUSN 410
Week 2
Develop a 5 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation explaining the impact of language on critical thinking and decision making. Make sure you include the challenges presented by language and how can one manage these challenges. 
Include detailed speaker notes

Support your essay with credible academic references. 
Follow APA format where appropriate
Week 3
Choose an editorial article from the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Browse the library and choose an editorial that addresses a business issue that interests you. 

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation that presents your analysis examining the critical thinking elements of the argument. Your presentation should address, at minimum, the following:
•	Citation of the article and a brief summary of its contents
•	What are the premise(s) in the article?
•	What evidence is presented? Is it credible?
•	Can you independently verify the evidence presented?
•	How are counterarguments addressed?
•	Does the writer represent a particular interest? 
•	How is language used to develop the argument?
•	Do you detect any errors in knowledge, evidence, or thinking?
•	Does the writer use any types of appeals or commit any fallacies?
•	Overall, how compelling is this article?
Be certain to carefully research your analysis using credible sources with proper citations.