Create a Project Proposal document stating the basic elements you will include in your website. This stage is primarily a draft. You will modify it in later weeks. Include a cover sheet with your name, course, and week number. The body of your report must include
    site title;
    rational or focus of the site;
    outline of main elements;
    target audience;
    design considerations; and 
        limiting factors.

    See pages 46-47 of Principles of Web Design 5th Edition for further details.
    Prepare a site diagram using Visio including
    layout of the site;
    page filenames;
    links between pages; and 
        navigation structure.

    In Visio, use the Save-As option to create an image file of your site. Copy this image file into your Project Proposal document.

    Upon completion, name your single, MS Word document as lastname_CIS363A_projectWk1.