Gather or create the boilerplate graphics to use on the different pages of your site. These include any banner, navigation, section, or identifying graphics. Add these graphics to the test pages of your site. Test the images in multiple browsers to make sure they are displayed properly.
Think about the different color requirements for your content, and decide how legibility can be enhanced. Can color communicate information about the structure of your information?
Determine the color choices for your Web site. Pick the colors for text, the background color in tables, and page backgrounds.
Establish graphics standards for your Web site, including but not limited to the following:
- Decide whether you will use a standard amount of white space around each graphic.
- Determine exactly which img attributes should be included in all  tags.
- Formulate a standard for all alt and title attributes.
- Formulate a basic set of image standards for your site. Use this as the display standard for testing your graphics.