web design - create a website with at least 6 pages
you are to create a website with at least 6 pagesfor an online cosmetic store called "Zerola"An external style sheet is to be used with this site and is to be named external01.css.The style shee should contain at least 10 properties with appropriate values.You must include the following elements:
HTML pages.The first page must be named Index.html.Links to other webpages you have created.Links to other webpages on the internet.A background image or background color on at least 1 pg.Images(jpg/gif).At least 1 ordered list.At least 1 unordered list.At least 1 table.A frameset containing at least 2 frames and contents.An image map.Anchors and links to anchors.At least 1 image with external text.JavaScript IF statement.Another JavaScript IF with Else.JavaScript loop.JavaScript function.JavaScript function where something is passed to the function.2 other kinds of events.Take in user input and provide output to the user(interactive).Use an array for extra credit.JavaScript Forms validation.Using keyboard events.Using mouse over/click events.Using Objects in JavaScript