Virtual Biome Field Trip.


Review the factors that influence the characteristics of each biome
Compare and contrast major characteristics and distribution of terrestrial biomes
Describe the impact of human interference on global biomes and determine how to lessen the impact.

According to Wikipedia, “A virtual field trip is an inter-related collection of images, supporting text and/or other media, delivered electronically via the World Wide Web, in a format that can be professionally presented to relate the essence of a visit to a time or place.” (Wikipedia April 2010)

For this assignment choose one terrestrial Biome that you would like to visit and construct a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides including Title and Reference Page). Your goal is to educate your classmates regarding the environmental challenges of the area, its ecological importance, its climatic statistics and inhabitants. Also include the impact humans have had on this biome and ways to lessen that impact. Here are a few examples from YouTube to get your wheels turning: New Zealand Intro (5 mins) (4 mins)


1. View the animation from the text book in chapter 5 called Biomes. Select one of the terrestrial biomes to report on.

2. Research the major characteristics of the biome including...climatic factors that impact this area, the inhabitants, the ecological importance, environmental challenges and human intrusion and prevention. 

Additional Requirements 
Min Pages: 10 
Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: This is a power point presentation (10-12 slides)