Subject: Business    / Marketing

Create a two-part 500-700-word paper that includes the following:

Name three companies you might want to work for (Target Market) and this can include your current work place.
Discuss specific Needs you believe each company has and how your personal skillset can help them Satisfy those needs.
Include a 200-300 word ‘elevator speech’ you would make to an executive of one of these companies. This should summarize your background and potential value aligned with Needs noted above. This should highlight your Competitive Advantage and Competitive Differentiation versus other likley competitor job candidates.

Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Content: Paper demonstrates solid understanding and insights related to the assignment. Critical thinking was demonstrated. 6 Points; Organization: Paper began with an introductory comment and, using Section Headings* as a sort of outline to highlight assignment content, flowed to logical conclusions. 2 Points; Mechanics: Grammar and spelling met University level work, APA guidelines were adhered to. 2 Points; Paper met length expectations. Paper was submitted on time.

*Potential Section Headings include:

– Companies of Interest and Current Needs (Target Market)

– Elevator Speech

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