Review Test Submission: Q04

Course Intro To Management Science (Winter 2015)

Test Q04

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• Question 1

Important data and formulas can be documented by cell comments.

• Question 2

Long spreadsheet formulas are desirable because they are sophisticated.

• Question 3

Spreadsheet model calculations should be placed in a primary location.

• Question 4

Extra time spent in planning can actually reduce the overall time required to perform a spreadsheet analysis.

• Question 5

While designing a spreadsheet, try to anticipate who will use it and what kinds of questions they will want to address.

• Question 6

0 out of 1 points

An influence chart doesn’t belong in a model’s workbook.

• Question 7

User manuals are a practical method of documenting a spreadsheet model.

• Question 8

Practical methods of documenting a spreadsheet are difficult and time consuming.

• Question 9

To display all formulas in a worksheet

• Question 10

In a spreadsheet model, modules

• Question 11

Match the Advertising budget model modules to the picture locations.

• Question 12

Error trapping