Review Test Submission: Q02

Course Intro To Management Science (Winter 2015)

Test Q02

Instructions Quiz 2 is a timed assessment. Thirty minutes are allotted for the quiz. While the system will not terminate the quiz after 30 minutes, your grace might be discounted proportionally if you exceed the allotted time.

It is recommended that prior to opening the quiz you assemble:

• any notes or texts you want for reference

• pencils, scratch paper and calculator

• a few sheets of graph paper

The latter items might be useful in answering some quantitative questions.

Good luck.

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• Question 1

The Home?Editing?Fill?Series command will enter various kinds of series.

Answers: True


• Question 2

The Office Building Planning model concerns floor plans of a new office building.

Answers: True


• Question 3

To select two distinct rectangles of cells, select the ?rst range, hold down the Control key, and select the second range.

Selected Answer: True

Answers: True


• Question 4

One way to edit the information in a cell is to place the cursor on the cell and press F2.

Answers: True


• Question 5

Each Excel file is called a

• Question 6

How many built-in functions does Excel have?

• Question 7

=IF(“A” = “a”,1,0) evaluates to _____

• Question 8

=IF(5>= 8,average(6,7),min(5,10)) evaluates to _____

• Question 9

If the contents of C4 were copied and pasted to C11, the numerical value in C11 would be _____

• Question 10

If the contents of C4 were copied and pasted to B11, the numerical value displayed in B11 would be _____.

• Question 11

If the contents of C4 were copied and pasted to D13, the address in D13 would be _____.

• Question 12

To find the NPV of the cash flows @ discount rate shown, use the expression = C6 + NPV(_______).