United Parcel Service, Inc

United Parcel Service, Inc

Paper instructions:
1. Spend some time locating the website for United Parcel Service , Inc. as well as identifying additional current resources that will be useful in preparing your analysis.

2. Your analysis, submitted in a Microsoft Word or PDF document must have the following managerial writing characteristics:
a legible typeface and 12pt font.
a minimum of 6 academic references, properly cited within your paper as well as in the bibliography. Please note that if a reference is listed in the bibliography and there is no evidence on how and where it was used within your paper, this reference will not count.

3. Your paper must include the following sections and will be scored against these criteria:

Introduction – thoughtful and insightful lead into your analysis

Facts – History – a short factual history section that identifies key events and initial strategies that have positioned UPS up until 2015

A comprehensive SWOT analysis of UPS – Before completing your swot, conduct an analysis of the areas of finance, marketing, management, R&D, and technology. Once completed the development of the four quartile SWOT based strategies matrix should be presented.

Competitive Assessment – Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used to help UPS grow and compare them to the current strategies being deployed by USPS, FedEx, and DHL. Is UPS on the verge of decline, or will existing strategies sustain it in the years ahead?

Explain a minimum of four business strategies your team would recommend to UPS as it prepares a long-term strategic plan to grow in both the domestic US market as well as globally.

References – Quality/Quantity – Ability to track back to use in your paper