Unit 1 Security Officers v. Police Officers

Unit 1 Security Officers v. Police Officers

Businesses often hire security officers from a vender/contractor to provide security and to minimize

losses. There are three levels of security options businesses can use. They are non-armed security,

armed security with the required “G License”, and sworn law enforcement (off-duty employment). Most

businesses opt to hire security officers instead of sworn law enforcement because it is more cost-

effective. After reviewing the video, Man Robs Gun from Security Guard, Waits and Shoots Police Officer

to Death, please answer the following questions.

1. What is your position on non-sworn security officers authorized to open carry firearms while on duty

as a security officer under the G License requirement?

2. Would there have been a different outcome in this tragedy had Walgreen’s hired a non-armed

security officer vs. the armed security officer who had his firearm taken by the subject and used to kill

the police officer?

3. Was the sworn police officer’s approach to Walgreen’s appropriate given the type of call he was

responding to (armed robbery)?

4. As a business owner or controller of the business, what decisions would you make to provide security

and to prevent losses knowing the liability involved?

Please prepare an APA formatted paper of a minimum of 750 words, excluding the title page and

references. Be sure to substantiate your assessment and conclusions for these questions with at least

two scholarly or professional journal articles written during the last five years in addition to appropriate

course materials.